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As Hubbie was leaving for a meeting in Mayfair in a short while, I opened a BBC website to check the weather for him. Then, I saw a headline, “Palace of Westminster in lock down”. Oh no, no, no.

Now, we all know what happened yesterday afternoon. My heart aches with sadness. And I feel my face flushes with anger every time I think about the incident.

All those innocent people who were killed or injured yesterday had absolutely nothing to be blamed for. It was a pure bad luck, being in a wrong place at wrong time. However, it makes the matter worse in some way.

I know nothing can replace the pain of losing loved ones. However, we can show them, who are directly affected by this tragedy, how desperately we feel sorry and how much we care about them. It is a very very small gesture but I have donated some money for the family of PC Keith Palmer. Money can’t bring back this brace policeman, but it will help his family to endure the darkest time of their life and comfort them by letting them know that there is still a plenty of goodness left in the world.

Please donate whatever you can afford at here.

Thank you very much. Kaori X

Choose life (for better)

Another grey sky, another grey morning. And I am nursing a mild headache with a glass of water. Hubbie has been in a miserable mood since last Tuesday, and the effect of it has started to get hold of me too. Oh, go awayyyyy!!! 

First of all, let me explain why Hubbie is in a bad mood. 

Two weeks ago, we went to see a nutritionist who was recommended to us by one of our friends. Hubbie suffered from chronic migraine, and we were hoping if, by changing his rather monotonous eating habit, the crippling headache may be alleviated or hopefully eliminated altogether. 

Caroline the nutritionist asked Hubbie loads of questions during our consultation at her clinic and sent him an email later on with piles of PDF files. 

Now, it has been exactly one week since he embarked on a “no caffeine, no dairy, low sugar & no carb after 4pm” diet. Guess what what effect it has produced? He has lost 5 kilos in one week! He should be dancing with joy, however, he is having none of it. Instead, he moans, ‘How long do I have to feel so bad?’ His system seems to be putting up an epic fight against the change, employing all sorts of symptoms, such as headache, muscle ache, constipation and sleep disturbance, begging him to go back to his old way.

Ever since he started this “detoxing journey,” I’ve been cooking every meal for him from scratch and finding the task a bit stressful but also fun. I always thought about “mindful eating” but never had enough motivation to practice it 24/7. Then, I was thrusted into it full-on. 

I’m cooking kabocha squash for him…

The squash is cooked with soy sauce, Japanese rice wine, mirin and honey. Hubbie loves it because the sweetness of the dish helps his craving for cakes and biscuits. 

Let’s hope he can shed more weight as well as migraine attacks in the coming weeks! Bring it on!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura


Ugh! Don’t you find it most infuriating when a WP app crashes and erases your post which is almost ready to publish with it? This is what exactly happened on me just now, and I have no energy or willpower to rewrite it again. Damn you, WP! 

The Society Club

The Society Club is another doggie friendly venue in Soho. They are found on Ingestre Place, a quiet street tucked behind lively Berwick Street and Broadwick Street…

They are a rare and out-of-print bookshop…

However, they also offer tea and coffee during the daytime and cocktails in the evening….

Tables and chairs are dotted around this small but airy space, and the customers are free to leaf through the books on the shelves.

We sat ourselves down around one of the table in the corner and ordered a pot of English Breakfast tea. I was delighted to find a book about the British wartime films as I was a big fun of old black & white films made by the Rank Organization. Hubbie and I had an impromptu game of who could name more famous British war films while we sipped our tea.
‘In which we serve?’ ‘Cruel Sea?’ ‘Sailor of the King?’ ‘Desert Rats?’ ‘The Man Who Never Was?’ ‘Sink the Bismarck?’ ‘Dunkirk?’ ‘Mrs.Minibar?’ ‘Battle of Britain?’ ‘Decision before Dawn?’ ‘A Canterbury Tale?’ ‘Reach for the Sky?’ ‘We dive at Dawn?’ etc, etc…

Again, Bella was a very good girl. She sat on a cushion and was chilled…

Guess how much this paperback copy of The Naked Civil Servant by Quentin Crisp’s was?

The book was autographed by Mr.Crisp himself, and it was £95.

After enjoying a quiet break at the shop, we headed home via Berwick Street.

The street was a little windy and Bella hated it…

‘I am not moving until the wind stops blowing into my face!’ She insisted.

A street market on Berwick Street was a quieter affair in the weekend. There were only a handful of stalls opened and one of them was a used bookshop.

It is always delightful to find a secondhand book stall on the street…

Because you never know what gem or bargain may be waiting for you. I found mine in the shape of “Los Angeles – The architecture of four ecologies” by Reyner Banham…

I remember reading it when I was a student at UCL. After all these years, we met again. ‘Can you buy this for me?’ I handed the book to Hubbie. When we got home, I found a postcard placed between the pages of the book…

As the spring approaches, and we spend more time out on the street, the odds of finding serendipity in all shapes and sizes will increase. I am so looking forward to it! Aren’t you?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Mildreds Restaurant @ W1

‘Oh, come in! We are very dog-friendly.’ Hubbie, I and Bella were ushered to a dining area at Mildreds on Lexington Street, Soho. It was Saturday lunchtime and the restaurant was packed.

Originally, Mildreds started serving their delicious vegetarian / vegan menu on Greek Street in the 80s. I used to dine at there with my friends, and then we moved on to Maison Bertaux for dessert.

Bella can be rather wild when she is at home. However, she behaves like an angel when we are eating out…

Because we never feed her at the table at home, she considers our food is not for her. She sniffs at it and then curls up for a kip.

My Sri Lankan sweet potato and green bean curry with roasted lime cashews, pea basmati rice and coconuts tomato sambal…

The dish was soooo delicious! I just love love love this curry. I am drooling over the image as I write the sentence!

Hubbie had classic burger which was made with smoked tofu, lentil and piquillo pepper. The burger looked very substantial.

On our way home, we encountered Million Women Rise March at Oxford Circus…

Go women go!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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