Oh dear, it looks like we are gonna have a rather wet Diamond Jubilee Weekend, doesn’t it?
The weather in this country can never be counted on. It’s sad but what can you do…
Instead of buying the latest Time Out, I brought home a copy of Monocle.


I’m gonna read this while having a long relaxing soak in the bath tonight. From a few days ago, I’ve started to do a little strech after taking a bath. I think it helps my knee to move easier.
This month’s supplement is a guide of Thailand. I like Monocle because it draws my attention to the rest of the world other than the G8 countries. There are 194 nations on this planet. It’s interesting to know what is “in” in Paraguay, for a example. Don’t you agree?


Oh, some article about cycling? I must read it.
I attended their editor-in-chief, Tyler Brûlé’s lecture in Goa, India some years ago. While the rest of lecturers (including my hubbie) were donning just T-shirts and jeans, Mr.Brûlé was sporting a light-blue seersucker barmuda pants suit with a straw trilby, looking very stylish…


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