Diamond Jubilee Sunday

Damp, Damp, Damp… As I feared, the rain greeted me this morning.
Life is never a “Hollywood movie” perfect, is it? This is the reality.
From my first floor window, I saw no more small circles on the paddles. So I took Mr.Hairball out to his usual morning stroll. Then I realised that the rain didn’t cease, it just turned to a drizzle. Oh dear.
And then, we found a discarded Union Jack on the pavement…


I was annoyed for the people who were organizing the street parties today. I am sure that most of them will brave the weather and carry on with the stoicism which is typical of the inhabitants of this isles when it comes to the weather. Still, it could have been simply more marvelous if the weather were kinder.

Mr.Hairball feels sorry for it too…


Our minimal morning stroll was wrapped up quickly and we scurried home.
After drying ourselves, I turned on the heating. It is June, isn’t it? Incredible…

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