Jubilee wash (out)

Not for Her Majesty, but for Mr.Hairball.

Mr.H is definitely not a pampered Chihuahua.
He does not sport any doggie couture unless the weather requires it. He does not patronize any doggie beauty salons or any canine boutiques. He is living a normal dog’s life.

Anyway, I was cuddling Mr.H on my lap. Then, I noticed that he started to smell a bit too doggie like.
Well, there is only one thing we can do for that. A swift trip to the sink.
Just look at a melancholic expression on his hairy face…


I am quite good at washing him. And as always, he perseveres with remarkable stoicism.
Nearly over. Hang in there, Mr.H…


Once he is out of bath, a frenzy of running and rubbing his body against the rag and the sofa ensues.
His eyes glisten with glee. He doesn’t to know how to handle himself!


One of the favourite things for Mr.H is…
A hair dryer! He adores his hair blow dried. Do you think he is strange?


‘Do it quickly! I can’t wait any longer!!’, he begs. OK, Brace yourself…


He quivers with a joy! His stray hairs fly everywhere though. Some are stuck on my face. Oh it tickles…


His coat looks definitely volumized. Very fluffy and smells divine! I am sure he secretly feels better too.

Did you see those soaking wet people who were participating in the Jubilee river celebration? I hope no one will catch cold, including Her Majesty…

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