Street party

Yipee! The weather has definitely improved.
It was a shame that the river pageant was a washout. Still, one of my favourite WordPress bloggers has put it very appropriately, “In a way it kind of made everything a bit more British”. I wholeheartedly agree!

I was invited to a small street party with my friends yesterday. So I made my way to Ladbroke Grove.


A world apart from the last weekend!
Were we not enjoying a golden sun? Walking around with ice cream in hand?!
What a contrast. I am wearing a jacket from The Kooples, paired with a Liberty print Jack Will shirts & a cashmere waist coat. And I am still feeling COLD!


The party was held in Codrington Mews. A charming mews filled with very friendly inhabitants. We brought two bottles of chilled chardonnay. The host brought out cake after cake. While the DJ spinned classic dancing tunes, we drank, we ate and we danced… It was lovely.


Meet my lovely friends. Alexandra &Letizia.


Found a face mask of HM on the table. Then, the only thing to do with it is…
Putting it on! Here comes the Queen Alexandra…


And a bit racy the Queen Letizia…


And me…


It could have been even more fun if the weather were a little warmer. I saw a few ladies donning fur coats during the party. It is June, isn’t it? I think the weather has gone haywire this year.

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