Hello world

My friend, Beverlie, is a first time grandma!

She threw open her flat for a small friendly gathering in order to introduce her first grandson to us all.
This is her little man.


He is two weeks old. The most well behaved baby I have ever encountered. A proud grandma Beverlie is holding her precious. Everyone took turns to cuddle him. I cradled him twice. Mmmmmm… he smelt gorgeous.


After we stuffed ourselves with Beverlie’s special kedgeree and steamed salmon accompanied with green salad, we dispersed in her spacious flat and chatted for hours. Her place is like a magnet. The magnet which attracts very interesting and creative people…


Any one of Beverlie’s crowd is very original and really fun to talk to. Most of them are practicing artists and engaging conversationalist. I always enjoy their company because we have a lot in common, I suppose. On the contrary, how I struggle to keep even a chit chat going with any bankers or hedge fund brokers! For me, they are such a bore…

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