Koya @ Soho

The other evening, Sarah, Zsofi and I decided to have a go at Koya on Frith Street.
I knew the restaurant received favourable reviews since they opened last summer. And according to Sarah, who had tried it already, the udon they served was “amazing”.
Her partner, Alex, used to live in Shikoku. So they must know one or two about udon noodle, mustn’t they? Despite being Japanese, I am not a connoisseur of this particular type of Japanese noodle. In the area I was raised, “Soba” was more popular. And my mother who was a notoriously finicky eater, she wasn’t a huge fan of udon for some weird reason, it rarely appeared on our dinner table.  So I never had an opportunity to eat any  real McCoy.

Sarah ordered beer. Sparkling  water for Zsofi.  And I settled for a pot of green tea.


We came just after 6pm in order to  not to having to queue up. However, there was only one unoccupied table. The rest was taken up by the eager udon lovers who were busy slurping their noodle.

Voila! Atsu-Atsu Kizami – udon in hot broth with fried tofu & spring onion – for Sarah.
I didn’t take Zsofi’s but she went for Atsu-Atsu Kinoko – udon in hot broth with mushroom & walnut miso.


What did I have?
Ta-dah,  Ten Hiya Atsu – cold udon with hot broth, accompanied with prawn & vegetable tempura.


The  prawn was HUGE. And the rest of assorted tempura was beautifully cooked.
Mmmmm… I enjoyed it very much.
When we left just after 7pm, there were a long queue stretching along the street. If they continue to be successful, Koya may expand to have more branches or move on to a larger premise? Provided they can uphold the present quality, it won’t be a bad idea. Don’t you agree?

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