Fei Wang @ DiGuardo

What a success!
The heaven granted us a respite from the foul weather yesterday evening. And Fei‘s sunglasses were launched with a unanimous blessing from the enthusiastic guest and friends at DiGuardo in Notting Hill.
Look, even the weather was blessing it too. We enjoyed a brief sunshine before the sunset.


Letizia, Fei and I met up at 5pm for a preparation for the launch party.
I was in charge of the display.
Gorgeous, aren’t they? Those shades are all hand crafted. They are not one of those injection-moulded cheap plastic counterparts. Fei’s glasses are carefully crafted from vintage acetate she buys from Italy.


Ta-dah! The girl in the mirror is our talented Fei. Ever since I custom-ordered my sunglasses from her years ago, we became the best of best friends.


Letizia’s loyal customers started to arrive after 6pm.
Those ladies are a big fan of Letizia’s eclectic yet elegant selection which adorns the rails.


The dress she is trying on has a two detachable collars. That means the dress can be worn in 3 different ways.


With a yellow collar, then with a blue one and it also looks great without them. How clever!


Each with a glass of bubbly in hand, we oohed and ahhed over Fei’s beautiful creations.


Jerome at L’Etranger on Gloucester Road supplied us with assorted macaroons. The macaroons are served on a slab of black slate. It looks too good to eat! But of course, they all disappeared in no time. It was a good job that Jerome gave us a large tapper ware full of them…


Another offerings were dark chocolate truffles and white chocolate truffles with coconut.
Don’t they look so tempting?


The last guest left around 10pm. We were so exhausted but elated at the same time.
Well done, Letizia & Fei.


And Letizia & me. We all did very well!


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