I and my Brompton are reunited!
Eventually, Bikefix called me to say “Your bike is ready for collection”.
They must have been really fed up with my pestering phone calls. But I was really really itching to be back on the saddle.

After our customary brunch at the Shepherdess Cafe, I caught the bus to Red Lion Square.
While waiting for my Brompton to be brought up from the basement workshop, I snooped around the shop floor. In Bikefix, there are all sorts of original and weird-looking bikes.


Much more interesting than Evans Cycles or Cycle Surgery…


Let me present my post surgery Brompton!
With new front & rear calipers, new tires, new grips, new brakes, new pedals and new half toe clips…


I am still getting used to the toe clips though.
Slipping into it smoothly at every traffic light without looking down my toe is rather tricky…


Another addition is a horn. Sounds pretty mean & loud. Get out of my wwwwaaaayyyyyy!
Sorry about this stranger’s hairy arm, by the way.


I cycled from Lambs Conduit Street to Spitalfield, and then to Essex Road and back home.
To be 100% honest, it was a bit unnerving though.
Until I become efficient with the toe clips, I shall stick to quiet streets…

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