New Cultural Revolution @ Chelsea

Letizia, Fei & I met up on Kings Road for Sunday supper at New Cultural Revolution.
Travelling on public transport is always a little unreliable therefore, I decided to cycle from Shoreditch to Chelsea.
The traffic through Central London was not bad until I approached near Trafalgar Square. Must be to do with the Olympic, the place was brimming with tourists. And the roads leading up to it were choking with buses & cars…


After dodging and weaving the pedestrian and the traffic, I cycled relatively calm Whitehall and Parliament Square. Once hitting Millbank, Boris Johonson’s Cycle Super Highway led me to the Chelsea Bridge junction. And I was almost there. Just be on the safe side, I allowed one hour from Old Street to Chelsea Old Town Hall. However, I arrive at it in 45 minutes.
Time for a well deserved decaf skinny latte break.


After rendezvoused with the girls, we walked to the restaurant.
Letizia was especially happy for the prospect of eating shortly since she was too busy packing for her San Francisco trip therefore missed her lunch.
Wake up Letizia, Your wine is on its way! Super chic duo, Fei & Letizia…


Say Cheeeeeese! Letizia & me, reaching to each other…


This restaurant is one of Fei’s favourite haunts in Chelsea. She used to eat in here twice a week at least.
So, what shall we eat? We decided to order a few starters and to share.
I picked Crispy Squid with chilli. I had been craving for this dish for quite some time. Mmmm… I can’t wait!


And this is Crispy Aromatic Duck Pancake Rolls with hoi sin sauce.
The crust was really crispy and light without being too greasy. It was so moreish…


Our most favourite, steamed pork dumpling!
We ordered two different dumplings which I forgot to snap one of them (sorry).
The skin of the dumpling was not too thick which we liked very much…


I ordered Chicken in Chilli and Black Bean Sauce Lao Mein as my main dish.
This dish was the least of my favourite, I found with regret. It was just too spicy yet lacking depth.
I shall try something else next time…


After dinner, we walked to Chelsea Farmers Market on Sydney Street for gelato at DriDri.
Mine was Amaretto & Cioccolato extra noir. The dark chocolate sorbet was especially good. Since I would be cycling home, I could enjoy the gelato without a shred of guilt…


Because of the England vs Italy game, anywhere with a flat screen TV was a full of anxious football lovers.
Even on my way home, every time I heard a loud cheer or a deep resonating groan, I was worried if I was missing out an important moment. Desperately, I asked a few cabbies at the light if they knew the score.


Thanks to that game, there was hardly any traffic in Central London.
It was so pleasant to cycle like you own the roads! I enjoyed it very much…

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2 thoughts on “New Cultural Revolution @ Chelsea

    • Hi there. Yes, it was wonderful to cycle through traffic free London! Even black cabbies were nicer than usual. About the similarity in taste, I definitely agree. Your blog is mega helpful for me. I must try Modern Pantry sometimes since it is in my neighbourhood.

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