Take a look at my handiwork!
The rear light was installed behind the seat post of my Brompton.
The light had a clip which I attached to the pocket of my jeans which fell out every time I stopped at the light. Either the clip’s grip was not tight enough or the vibration from road surface made it loose, I don’t know. Anyway, it was rather embarrassing that I had to dismount and pick it up at every light.
So, here comes a screw driver and a bit of elbow grease…


The attachment was slightly too small for the seat post. So I had to grip it really hard while the screw was tightened. Phew, that was a hard work!
The light has 3 different modes, one for flickering, one for flashing and one for continuous.


Another handiwork I was being busy at yesterday is this…


It’s gonna be a short jacket with 3/4 sleeve.
While we haven’t had any decent summer, I am working for autumn & winter. What an irony. I haven’t bought anything for summer in this sale season. I just don’t fancy it. Well, I am not taken by this spring & summer’s trend anyway…

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