Queuing in Soho

Yesterday, Maria & I decided to meet up at Koya on Frith Street.

The weather was as miserable as it could get.
I managed to find a table at Cafe Nero while I was waiting for Maria.


Koya is being an extremely well-liked eatery in Soho. Their popularity hasn’t waned ever since it’s opened last year. The drawback of this is the queue we have to wait in in order to enjoy their udon noodle…


After standing in the cold rain for nearly a half an hour, we were seated at the table.
I ordered a pot of Japanese tea & Maria ordered a bottle of rather pricy Scottish lager (£7.00!).
For a starter, we ordered seaweed salad. When it was delivered, we were a bit shocked to see how small the portion was…


I ordered beef noodle for myself. Maria’s was duck. They were delicious.


However, we both agreed that the portions were a bit on the mean side? Also, I couldn’t help thinking that they were overpriced. Please don’t take me wrong. Their udon was superb and I had no complaint about the quality. Still, they were just noodle. A bowl of noodle, a half portion of a small starter & a pot of tea shouldn’t cost a few penny short of 20 quid, should it?
We were still hungry after Koya. So we ended up having another tea & cake at Costa, across the street…

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