Niggly business

I was truly fed up this morning.
One of those moments that an accumulation of little disappointments finally boiled over inside me. The last straw was a broken bath plug I discovered this morning.
Such a trivial occurrence shouldn’t have bothered me normally. However, my recent life had been assaulted by those tiny niggles on a daily basis.
For a start, the hinge on the bedroom door had gone wonky. Then, my electric toothbrush developed an alarmingly loud noise as it was on its last leg. Then, my car started to behave erratically – time to time, the engine refused to ignite even though the battery was new. Then, once it was running, the exhaust would sound like I was driving a Ferrari! The list of dodgy omens grew on. And this morning, the plug! What’s next? I just wanted to ask.

Then, my ever so considerate hubbie rang me. He invited me for lunch!
I was very much in a mood for Japanese.  So we met up at Life on Old Street.


The starter was a few nibble size appetizers.
Hijiki (black seaweed) and broccoli with tofu. They were delicate and delicious.


And I had Torikaraage (fried chicken) set. And my hubbie went for Sabamisoni (grilled miso marinated mackerel) set.
I wouldn’t normally eat fried food. However, I was in a daredevil mood today. So here I went!

The chicken pieces were crunchy and tasty. Mmmm… I enjoyed to the last morsel of rice.


The set lunch came with a dessert.
Maccha (green tea) creme brulee, my hubbie’s most favourite dessert. Therefore, I topped up his share with a few spoonfuls of mine.


After lunch, I went to the hardware shop on Goswell Road.
Upon my request, the guy behind the counter duly produced a plug and a chain. His sausage like fingers rummaged in the box by the till for a pair of pliers and fixed the chain to the plug. When I asked about the price, he muttered rather quickly so I miss heard it. Instead of £1.65, I thought it was £5.00 plus and had only £5 note in my wallet. So I asked him if I could pay by card. “We can’t accept a card payment for £1.65!” Oh bu**er, he must have thought I was a nutter. How could I ever consider a mere plug would cost more than a fiver??
I left the shop, red-faced and asking myself as if today was one of those days you felt like being an absolutely useless plonker through and through?

Anyway, the plug fits in the hole.
So at least, I can enjoy a long soak tonight. I seriously need one…


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