Vivid dream

Do you dream in colour?
I was shocked to know that people normally dream in black & white???
The dream I had last night was particularly colourful – someone had changed the curtain in my bedroom to brazing crimson red and I was a bit miffed. Then I went into a busy overground station and *Pow*! An explosion. Out of light bluish haze of the smoke, silver pellets were all over me…etc. Bizarre, huh?
The scenes I go through in my dream are like an act in theatre. They move on to completely different locations.
I have a technicolor dream like this every single night ever since I was a child without fail.

Anyway, even for my standards, the dream I had last night was amusingly crazy.
So I described it to my hubbie.
And then I was told that most of the people dream in B+W, not in colour!
My dream is always multi-coloured. And I can’t imagine myself dreaming in colourless, oh dear.
We are living in the world with colour. Why shouldn’t my dream be in colour too?
Otherwise, wouldn’t I find it a bit…unusual?

Do you dream in colour, Mr.B?


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