Gathering momentum

The jet stream which was the main culprit of the rotten weather we have been enduring is moving up to north as we speak. I am desperately praying for the sky above London will be sunny and warm for change so the Olympic 2012 won’t be remembered mainly for the testing condition for competitors and spectators are like.

We managed to buy two basketball game tickets last night.
Basketball or volleyball? After pondering for a while, we decided to go for basketball in the end.
Any particular reason? Oh yes, there is! The basketball games will be held in the Olympic Park while the volleyball will be in Earl’s Court. The option of being able to see those amazing structures up close is too good to miss, don’t you think? I am super excited!

The London itself is gearing up to the “Once in a life time 2 weeks” as well.
It is true that there are a few teething problems such as the blunder by G4S and much loathed & disputed Olympic lanes.
Yet, we have much more lovable additions to our cityscape as well.
Let me present you the cyclops! I found them in Spitalfields Market.
This one appears to be adorned with a mishmash of iconic buildings (the top is Tower Bridge? a red brick wall, can be Hampton Court? I am not sure what is for the legs).


This lady was very much interested in the bottom. Why…?


And this one must be inspired by a Pearly King of East End!


The top resembles a cycle helmet, don’t you agree?


On my way to Finsbury Garden, I came across a pair of mounted police officers.
I used to ride years ago and loved horses dearly. With the officers
permission, I directed my iPhone to the pair. The horse took notice
and faced up to me squarely.


They know it, don’t they?
They are always aware that they, the horses, are what we want. Such a clever creature. And they love to show off, don’t they? The officer let me stroke his sidekick for a little while.
Oh, I wished if I carried mint for you…

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