Fei Wang for every woman

Last sunday, we shot a load of photos for Fei wang, the bespoke sunglasses.
Her shades are all handmade and made in England, not those counterparts which are manufactured in the countries far far away…

Ellie the model is sitting in front of my hubbie, testing the exposure…


Fei is busy dancing around Ellie, perfecting the look…


A bit of stray hair. A can of hair spray for the rescue…


Almost there, Fei…


Ellie has an amazing skin. A perfect alabaster skin…


And gorgeous auburn mane. A lucky girl…


After wrapping up the shoot, we headed to our favourite Singaporean eatery, Sedap on Old Street.
We poured each other a well deserved drink and ordered a few of their specialities.
This is Transparent Vegetarian Roll


Followed by Pork Dumplings


And Malaysian Blachan Chicken – tender crispy deep-fried chicken marinated with homemade prawn paste & served with sweet chilli sauce.


Apart from them, we enjoyed Karabe Prawn – prawn & cucumber salad with lime juice, Sambal Okra – stir fried okra & prawn with homemade chilli shrimp paste, Penang Char Kway Teow – stir fried flat noodle with prawn, beansprout, chinese sausage, egg, fish cake, soy sauce, chive & chilli paste and Hainanese Chicken Rice – poached chicken with fragrant chicken rice served with chilli sauce & dark soy sauce.

My hubbie & I were so happy that we could be any help to our good friend, Fei.
Look forward to seeing all those contact sheets!

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