Ittenbari noodle bar @ Brewer Street

Wow, I just saw Red Arrows flying past above my flat!
A thundering roar from the distance, and BOOOOOOOOMMMM! It disappeared towards the Olympic Park in a perfect V formation. I was hollering with joy. It was so cool! My hubbie and I exchanged high-five, of course!

After watching the torch relay yesterday, I met up with Fei for a quick dinner at Ittenbari.
I heard about this new noodle bar on Brewer Street. Allegedly, this restaurant would serve authentic Japanese ramen noodles. However, I did not have the chance to try it myself until yesterday.
For a starter, we decided to share a plate of Gyoza. Chilli crazy Fei put a liberal amount of chilli oil in soy sauce…


For a main, we picked a Summer Ramen each instead hot ramen.
The portion was on a tad small side? I couldn’t imagine any grown man would be satisfied with this noodle alone.


As the name suggest, this noodle was served cold.
A small amount of mustard was on the side which added a sharp heat to the soup which I found a little too sweet for my liking. It wasn’t too bad but I would try something else next time…

With my stomach being comfortable filled, I cycled home through Central London which was still buzzing the excitement of the torch relay. The people were spilling out from the pubs and bars, enjoying a barmy summer evening.
After getting home safely, I fed my dog and hurried to the ice rink for the practice.
We played ! hours of drill & 1 hour of scrimmage.
Phew, how could I pack so many activities in one day?

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