Cold remedy

I don’t know where it came from but I’ve got a niggling sore throat since this afternoon.

Oh no, I do NOT want to fall ill now. Because tomorrow is the day for the basketball match.
I must nourish my body in order to fight off the bug inside me!
Therefore, my hubbie, Fei & I decided to have a dinner at our local favourite, William IV…


At the bar, Fei & I ordered gin & tonic, my hubbie went for a glass of Guinness.
For food, Fei & Hubbie picked fish & chips. It came with hand cut chips & mushy peas…


Maybe to do with my sore throat, I didn’t fancy fish & chips.
My index finger wondered for quite a while. In the end, I went for burger & chips.
It also came with a pot of mayonnaise which I dunk my chips in. Oh, they were really crispy & sweet. Yum…


Just to be sure that my system would have enough energy to kung-fu kick at the bug,
I ordered pudding as well. What did I pick?
Of course, their sticky toffee pudding! Toffee sauce is the king, in my humble opinion…


At home, I managed to find some cold remedy after a lengthy rummaging in our rather disorganized medicine cabinet. I was so glad because these tablets had worked really well when I tried them in Japan. Let’s hope it will do another trick and I will feel better by tomorrow afternoon…

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