Opening Ceremony

How did you find the Opening ceremony?

I really really liked it! It was quirky and unexpected.
Not the sort of clichés we had been accustomed to from the past Olympic games.
And not over glorifying histories, that, I was impressed the most…


The part I especially loved was the rural Britain being overtaken by the Industrial Revolution.
An idyllic green meadows transformed itself to a smoke and flame filled dystopia. It was a pandemonium. Yet, it appeared somehow mesmerizing and beautiful. I was transfixed completely…


It is not easy to design a show which represents the nation without trumpeting a propaganda.
However, Danny Boyle managed to deliver a magnificent spectacle. It was a complete triumph.
I think he deserves his own gold medal, or even a knighthood! Don’t you agree?


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2 thoughts on “Opening Ceremony

  1. I loved it! We were lucky to go on Monday and “keep the secret” and said it was the best thing we’d ever seen in our lives. It was so fabulous and wonderful and just brilliant. Totally agree with you – Mr Boyle has got to become Sir Danny after that work of genius.

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