After the rain @ Olympic Park

While we were scoffing down the burgers, the rain had stopped.
I was so relieved because I was really dreading about the prospect of having to go out in the rain again.

Don’t you find the flower bed adorable? It was right by the entrance of McDonald’s.
I am not at all a green fingers. Therefore, I have no idea what this corn blue flower is.


The people were heading towards the venues, cloaking themselves with the Union Jacks…


Here and there, Arms force personnel were mingling with the general public. I found it reassuring…


There were a handful of picnic benches which were unused because of the rain. In the meantime, the inside of McDonald’s jam-packed.
Why didn’t the organizers provide any sheltered picnic area? Weren’t they aware that, in Britain, we tend to have more rain than sun?…


Once the rain cloud moved on, the sun came out. And with it, the atmosphere became more buoyant.
On top of this colourful structure which was made out of shipping containers was a broadcasting studio for BBC.


Who is in the studio? Sue Barker?…


I surveyed around me while my hubbie ran to the coffee shop nearby to get some decaf lattes.
Is that the Water Polo Arena?…


And Anish Kapoor’s Olympic sculpture in the distance. I must admit that this work is the least of my favourite amongst his creations…


Olympic Stadium in the distance. That was where that amazing opening ceremony was held.
I watched with my iPlayer 3 times already. Call me I am a bonker…


With a cup of latte in my hand, I headed towards my venue, Basketball Arena.
It’s in my sight. Mmmmm… exciting!


Be patient. I am going in there soon…

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