Rain or shine

Oh, what a rain it was!
I felt really sorry for those marathon runners who had to splash their way across the huge paddle which formed after the downpour this morning. The shoes getting waterlogged and having to keep on running, it doesn’t sound very pleasant, does it? Oh well, being an Olympic champion is not an easy business…
I missed the Women’s Marathon today. However, my friend Beverlie, my hubbie and I are determined to be along the route for the Men’s Marathon next Sunday. Guildhall will be just 15mins walk from our place. Otherwise, it would be a silly thing to miss it, wouldn’t it?


My cold is on last legs (eventually!). Therefore, I am gonna cycle along the route during the week and scout possible vantage points. I may carry out the mission on Tuesday since the Men’s Triathlon will be on that day. Exciting, huh?

A customary breakfast at our local greasy spoon…


For the presentation skill, it was a lot to be desired.
I fancied scramble egg instead of my regular, fried eggs. My verdict? Mmm… a thumb down, lamentably.
The egg was definitely overdone. Oh well, never mind.

While my hubbie was at the till, Mr.B waits for him patiently…


Next stop, a dry cleaner!

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