Map hunting

Phew! It was yet another unanticipated & unplanned trek!
Just to satisfy my mom’s whim, I was all over the place today.
I went to Liverpool Street Station, then to Victoria, after that to Paddington, then to Charling Cross and finally, to Trafalgar Square!

A fleeting visit to Eat at Paddington.  I had a slice of turkey & cranberry sandwich and a pack of victoria sponge cake with decaf latte. I am not overly fond of roast turkey with cranberry sauce at Christmas. However, I love turkey & cranberry as a sandwich filling. Am I weird?…


My mission today was to get London 2012 maps for my mom and her chums who were all crazy about everything English (Cotswold, afternoon tea, Peter Rabbit…etc) & London. Bless them.
About these particular maps, there are more than a few maps which are available at major railway stations in London. The blue one is a large-scale map of Central London and “Why not walk it?” series are more detailed versions with a useful suggestion of the distance from the station.
I came to notice the existence of the maps when I was at Victoria Station with my hubbie last Saturday, running a few weekend errands. In the middle of the busy concourse, there was an information booth for the Olympics, being attended by an extremely friendly bunch of London 2012 volunteers. Without not thinking much, I picked up two maps from the stand and took them home.
When I mentioned about them to my mom after our usual long-distance chat, she was like a Jack Russell presented with a bone! “Oh, can you get a few copies for me and my friends?” “Sure, how many?” “Let me think… I want 9, 9 copies, please”. 9? She wants 9 copies each? Oh dear…
Even for me, a cheeky monkey, I could not bring myself to ask for 9 copies at one information centre. So I went around, getting a few copies at the time. After visiting 5 places, I managed to complete my mission. Phew…

So this is the larger map with a blue cover…


And the other one is more detailed and the lines indicate the distance from Victoria Station…


I hope my mom & her pals find them useful…

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