Third visit @ Olympic Park

Hooray! I am lucky enough to attend another Olympic game.
This time, I am going to Wembley Stadium to witness the Women’s Football Gold Medal event!
Japan vs USA, it’s gonna be a great game.

My day started with a visit to the hairdresser in Spitalfields to have my fringe trimmed.
Then, a stop at Spianata for a quick bite. I had toasted panini with decaf latte…


Formaggio di Capra con Pesto (Goats Cheese, Sundried Tomatoes, Homemade Pesto Genovese & Radicchio Lettuce)


Mmmm… I love pesto! And sundried tomatos with goats cheese, I enjoyed every bite…


Another “cyclop” in the market. I wondered what would happen to them after the Olympics?…


With a full tummy, I headed towards Liverpool Street Station.

So, it was my third time to visit Stratford.
The passage leading to the park was bustling with excited yet very well-behaving people…


The gentleman in front of me had a strap full of pin badges…


I was swallowed up in the stream of slow marching spectators.
The box office was nothing like the last time I picked up my basketball  game tickets. I suppose that almost all the events are coming to a conclusion. Therefore, not many tickets are there to be collected any more?…


From Stratford, I took Central Line to Oxford Circus.
At the entrance of John Lewis, another cyclop was waiting for me…


Next destination will be Wembley Stadium on Thursday! Bring it on!!

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