Women’s Football final @ Wembley

I was so heart-broken last night.
There were always winners and losers. And being the world’s second best team in the Olympics was not so bad, maybe. Still it really sucked to see them lose the game. Call me a sore loser.

Before the game, my hubbie and I had dinner at De Santis on Old Street.
We decided to eat before the game because I heard nothing but negative reviews about the catering in the stadium…


Being told that the quickest meal they could do was steak & chips. So be it then…


After our hasty dinner, we hurried to Barbican Station.
The tube was packed with the people clutching their tickets!

From the steps of Wembley Park Station, we could see the famous arch…


Occasionally being showered with loud chant of “USA! USA!” by the raucous American supporters, we marched toward the stadium…


My attire for the match was consisted with a vintage top hat adorned with plumes of red & white feathers, a Topshop T with a large red dot and a pair of flaming hot chili pepper red Monkey Genes…


The weather was so balmy. All of the sudden, an ever so elusive English summer had reappeared…


Our seats were in Club Wembley area. Therefore, it was not over crowded. Thank god.


I had never been to a live football match nor Wembley Stadium. So I didn’t know what to expect.
However, I was pleasantly surprised to find our seats were very comfortable and the view was excellent…


The match commenced with a deafness inducing decibel of the roar by the both supporters which totalled more than 80,000. This particular atmosphere, I could never feel by watching a game on TV!
How do they feel it on the pitch, I wondered. Was it the same in the Colosseum in Roman time? Did the ancient gladiators feel this pure palpable human excitement in the middle of the ring too?…


Sadly, the match was wrapped up with USA winning the gold.
Even though Japan fought tenaciously, the victory was not theirs this time.
The shoots hit the post more than a few times. And for the quality of the tactics, Japan was better than USA.
It was so close but not close enough…


After the final whistle, I was exhausted, shattered and heart-broken.
We left the stadium without watching the medal ceremony. Call me a sore loser.
But I couldn’t stand to imagine having to listen Star Spangled Banner in there.

On our way home, my hubbie bought me a Cornetto.
The ice cream tasted good in the sticky warm summer night. It was definitely bittersweet though (sob)…

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