Ice cream @ St James Park

I can’t believe that the Olympics is wrapping up very soon.
Day in and day out, we have been treated with the exciting news and images.
I never thought that I would be this much excited about London 2012.
But by witnessing this unscripted drama created by the dedicated world-class athletes, it is impossible not to be moved.

Yesterday, we were at Victoria (again).
This time, my hubbie had a minor ear infection and had to visit Medicentre at Victoria Station.


This information booth will disappear along with the game.
During the Olympics, London has been a different kind of city. The people are friendlier and more helpful. Generally, we have been feeling good & happy. I sincerely hope that this mood will carry on as long as it can last…


Mr.B is concerned about the disappearance of my hubbie…


Don’t worry, Mr.B. He will be back soon…


The concourse was a little too busy for Mr.B.
So in you get to the carrier. How is the view up there?


After being reunited with my hubbie, we decided to take a stroll to St.James Park…


Mr.B is patiently waiting in queue. But what for?…


Hooray! It’s an ice cream time!!
Mr.B & I shared our cold treat…


The weather turned out to be another scorcher.
Mr.B was too hot & tired to walk. So on he goes to my shoulder again…


On our way to Green Park Station, we crossed The Mall.
The preparation was underway for Sunday’s Men’s Marathon…


With tonight’s Closing Ceremonies, London 2012 is finally over.
I will definitely miss the Olympics. Because it was just FANTASTIC…

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