Men’s Marathon @ Barbican

Unlike a week ago, Men’s Marathon was blessed with a sunny morning.

Beverlie, my friend, my hubbie, Mr.B & I were there, along the course, to cheer the runners.
Since we would probably never host another Olympics during our lifetime, it would be silly to miss the moment, we thought.

Mr.B & Beverlie, waiting my hubbie by Shepherdess Cafe…


We decided to wait for the race by Museum of London in Barbican. It was the closest for us as well as being a roundabout, we reckoned that the view would be less obstructed…



Beverlie took the photo of me & Mr.B.
I look really happy, don’t I? And I was really really happy…


I was astonished by the speed of the runners!
Are they going to run like that for more than 42km?
Their strides were so long and elegant.
Their bodies were so lean and chiseled. And their expressions were all stoic concentration.
They were an epitome of world-class athlete.


Another plus point of London 2012’s marathon was because of the uniqueness of the course structure, we could see the runners more than once in the same spot.

While waiting for another round, I chatted with the elderly couple who traveled from Midland to London this morning just to see this marathon. Their point & shoot digital camera was not quite suitable for taking images of fast runners. So I offered them that I would forward the movie I took with my iPhone.
For the second round, Mr.b & the carrier were stationed on the pavement between my legs. Because with him in my arm, it wasn’t easy to wave or to hold a camera…


Finally, the last runner sped away, and we decided to head home.
When London 2012’s arrival was imminent, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how I would react to it.
Then, I was head over heel in love with the Games from the moment I watched the Opening Ceremonies. I was surprised that my skepticism and cynicism evaporated overnight. I was so happy and proud…


On our way home, we dropped in at Costa on Old Street.

How did you find your first Olympic marathon, Mr.B?
He was a bit disturbed by the loud noise & cheer by the bystanders…


For lunch, I had tuna melt panini and decaf skinny latte.
The sun was not as strong as yesterday. Still, it might have been too warm for the runners?…


I am waiting for the Closing Ceremonies to start on BBC.
How will I feel to see the Olympic Flame goes out? Just the thought of it, a pang of sadness hits me.
Let’s hope we won’t be feeling too blue & deflated from tomorrow…

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