Supper @ William IV

I am so sad.
This is definitely a London 2012 withdrawal symptoms.
I can’t help feeling a pang of sadness every time I hear anybody talking about London 2012 in past tense.
So painful to be reminded that the greatest party is over.
Tears really well up in my eyes…


Seeing me wilting like a flower past sold by date, my hubbie took me to William IV for dinner to lighten my broken heart…


Down the sorrow with a bottle of cider.
It trickled down my throat smoothly. I felt positively tipsy on the way home…


Fancy fish & chips?
We both had the same. To be 100% honest, I prefer cod to haddock when it comes to fish & chips.
I know cod is overfished. Therefore, we are sensible to choose haddock at chippies. Still, I find cod more flavoursome.
By the way, their hand cut chips were awesome as usual. It was crisp & sweet. Mmmm…


For dessert, we shared our all time favourite, sticky toffee pudding.
I just love love love toffee sauce & cream. They are the bestest dessert for me.
The pudding definitely mended the crack in my heart…


Reluctantly, I have to accept the fact that any good thing always comes to the end.
We all must be grateful that the event came to a successful conclusion without any major incident, thanks to the people such as volunteers, police force & military personnel.
I came away with an incredibly positive feeling by being around the Olympics.
Let hope for the success of Rio 2016! It would be great if I could be there for the next Olympics…


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