Back to normal

Let’s not dwell on about the Olympics any more.
The world has moved on. And so should I.
By the way, the weather in London is back to the pre-Olympic state, rather cloudy & intermittent rains.
I feel like Cinderella after the ball, back in the kitchen, wondering if it was all a dream.
Oh you! Just snap out of it!!

Another brunch thingies at Shepherdess Cafe.
For no apparent reason, it was very quiet…


The time in here passes rather slowly.
The staff are very friendly yet very discreet. Very comfy.
I had my usual, fried egg x 2, brown toast x 2, gridled tomatos & sausage x 1.
And a mug full of tea, of course.
The kitchen always garnishes my plate with a couple of chips…


Now then since my tummy is comfortable filled, shall I get back to knitting? 

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