Sunday on Brick Lane

It’s super humid & hot in London!
I am sure that there are a lot more cities where their summers are a lot hotter than London’s.
Still, I would rather not having to endure this sticky weather too long…

After a brief downpour with a distant thunder, London kicked off this sunday with another scorcher.  I met up with my friend at Liverpool Street Station and headed for Brick Lane Market…


We agreed that Spitalfields was a victim of its own success.
The area is now saturated with high street chain stores. This trend is definitely driving away more interesting crowd. In order to restore the character which made the area attractive in the first place, the authority has to free up more retail spaces to independent traders.

We munched on our BBQ chicken & beef on skewers…


Then, we sauntered down Brick Lane, looking for ice cream…
Happy smiley me…


& Fei…


By Cheshire Street, I found giant Chupa chups!
I bet any teeth would be all rotten by when the sweet was finished.
Because of its size, I had mistaken it as maracas initially…


We finally found our ice cream place…


Mmmm… Which flavour am I gonna have?…


I picked a scoop of mixed berries & a scoop of lemon meringue with honey…


Fei picked 2 scoops of chocolate mint.
Lovely to spend a weekend afternoon with the friend I love & care dearly…

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