Tea @ Laduree, Covent Garden

Monday started with a noticeably cooler breeze in London.
To be honest, I prefer not have too many hot days like last weekend’s. My body has been climatized to the Northern European climate for a long time. Therefore, it doesn’t cope with the heat anymore…

Anyway, Zsofi, my teammate & a good friend and I met up at Covent Garden to have a peek in Chanel’s pop-up shop…


We expected something more special from Chanel. However, we were disappointed.
Just a row of nail varnishes and perfumes. What is the difference from this to any department store’s counter?
It could be more interesting if there were any limited edition stuff for Covent Garden or even for London…

When we walked out of the shop, I noticed Laduree! I didn’t know they had a cafe in Covent Garden. Well, I hadn’t been to a tourist trap like Piazza in Covent Garden for years. Therefore, I didn’t know…


We ordered latte & cake. A bunch of charming french waiters with smart waistcoats served us. English with French accent was so irresistably cute…

I was so happy to have Mont Blanc, my favourite cake. Why British cake makers never make Mont Blanc?


Now, off to the ice rink. Must burn off all those cream & sugar…

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4 thoughts on “Tea @ Laduree, Covent Garden

    • Mont Blanc is a cake which made with whipped cream mixed with mirangue pieces and on top of it, decorated with a heap of chestnut puree. The cake is actually very old. It’s been made since the 15th century (^-^)

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