Vietnamese dinner @ Kingsland Road

After walking around stall to stall in a sweltering heat, Fei & I decided to head to Kingsland Road.

Kingsland Road is famous for a numerous Vietnamese eateries and edgy shops which characterizes the area, Hoxton.
My favourite restaurant is Loong Kee Cafe. My hubbie & I have been eating in here for many years. The management had changed a few times for the better. The staff became more courteous and the service became for efficient.

We studied the menu carefully and ordered 2 starters and 2 mains to share.
This is Summer Roll with Prawn. A cold starter with prawns wrapped in soft rice ravioli type sheets.


You dip them together with shredded lettuce in clear vinegar sauce with hint of sweetness. I love this dish because it’s so light and summery…


Our all time favourite, Fried Squid with Salt & Chilli.
The squids were so crispy but not at all rubbery. And just right amount of saltines. Red chilli & freshly seasoned and deep-fried green onion… Mmmm… It was divine…


One of our main dish, Hanoi Fish.
The fish was fried and stir fried with a heap of green onion & red chilli. It was accompanied with rice noodle and salad with dipping sauce. Vietnamese is my most favourite Asian food, I have to say. Most of the dishes are with a plenty of salad & vegetable. I just love the combination & texture…


Another main was Extra Crispy Egg Fried Noodle with Seafood.
I don’t know why, but it’s so satisfying to demolish the crispy noodle with chopsticks!
The seafood was very fresh, of course. We were totally stuffed…


We are already planning another Brick Lane outing next weekend.
Let’s pray that we will be blessed with another sunny summer day…

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