Ordinary Saturday

Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know why I am having this cough…
Around 5:30 this morming, this damn cough woke me up. You know, a kind of cough, really tickles the back of throat. A sip of water didn’t remedy it. So I had to get up and take medication. The effect kicked in soon enough but I was too awake to go back to sleep… I feel so groggy *sigh*…

As usual, we had our customary brunch at Shepherdess Cafe.
The waitress came to our window side table and asked “Usual?” I did fancy something else (like cheese omlette) but didn’t have the heart to contradict her. The same old “two fried eggs on two brown toasts with griddled tomatos & one sausage”. Especially my hubbie, he is a creature of habit. And the way he is has rubbed on me. Or, am I being just lazy?…


After our brunch, we headed to West End.
My hubbie wanted to do some shopping at Apple store. We hopped on No.55 bus…


We alighted at Great Windmill Street stop for our first decaf skinny latte at Apostrophe on Market Place. After perking ourselves up, we walked to the Photographers’ Gallery on Ramillies Street to check on my hubbie’s new book. I really miss the time when they had a gallery near Leicester Square. The cafe was like a hidden oasis in the hussle and bassel of Central London. I spent a countless “me” times there, sitting along their long communal table with banana cake & coffee…


After spending a good half an hour in the bookshop, we crossed over to Hanover Square and had frozen yoghurt at Itsu.


We picked “FruitMix”. Mmmm… frozen yoghurt with a heap of berries. What can be better…


Mr.B had his share too!


Mr.B tried his best to climb into the carrier by himself.
Don’t get it wrong. Mr.B loves to walk. I only carry him when we are travelling on public transport…


After Apple Store, we decided to hail a cab and go home.
It was just too hot to hang around in West End…


Later on, we had a quiet drink at our local waterhole, William IV. How civilized…


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