Brompton returns

I let go of my Brommie for overnight. The bike was left in the workshop at Cycle Surgery, Spitalfields.
It was a kind of weird to see a vacant spot near the front door where my Brompton was normally stationed.

After parting from my bike, I had a little stroll to Brick Lane.
Off Corbet Place, I found a strange structure…


What is this for? Looks very elaborate, doesn’t it?
Oh well, I shall find out when I visit there again on Sunday with Fei & Letizia…

On my way home from Spitalfields, I came across another curious sight off Pitfield Street.
Aske Garden had a makeover and looked amazing!


Is Nike doing any event?
Apparently, they were hosting 3 on 3 pick up basketball game last night.
I pondered if I wanted to go and see it. In the end, I decided against it though.

Then at home, I carried on knitting while watching The Best of Men on BBC iPlayer.


I was rather restless all day today. Couldn’t wait to be reunited with my Brommie!
Then around 5pm, I scurried to Spitalfields, with a cycle helmet dangling from my Mulberry Alexa satchel.
Oh my Brommie, you look sound! Do you see the change?
A new rear rack and two more Easy Wheels are installed! It will make my bike slightly heavier. However, rolling it around when it is folded will be much easier. The thought of being able to swivel the bike around the aisles of supermarket rather than having to drag it makes me soooo happpppppyyyy!…


Let’s go home, shall we?
Oh, how much I love cycling in this city…


Instead of going home straight, I cycled to Clerkenwell.
I invited my hubbie to join me at Starbuck on Goswell Road for a well-earned latte break…


And shared a slice of granola bar. My hubbie’s choice, of course.
He likes anything ‘oaty’…


I prefer cakes with less fibre & cinnamon, I must say…

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