Test driving @ Waitrose, Barbican

The weather today was an ideal for cycling, not too hot or windy.
So I hopped on to my Brommie and off I went towards the City.
The lunchtime in the City was like an agitated beehive. The people were scurrying from all directions!

Anyway, after running errands at Moorgate, I swung by my local Waitrose at Barbican…


Maneuvering around the aisles with 4 Easy Wheels was much easier than with just 2, that was for sure.
I also found that it was easier to push the bike like a wheelbarrow, rather than to tag it along.
Still, the wheels didn’t swivel like shopping carts’, so would need more getting used to.
All in all, I was happy to invest another £150 to get them installed.

After shopping, I cycled to Costa on Old Street to have a quick-lunch with my hubbie.
When my hubbie asked me what day it was, I answered ‘Is it Wednesday?’
‘Really? I lost the track of time’.Then I checked my iPhone and found today was Thursday?!
How did I get muddled up? What happened to my memory???

I munched on a toasted farafel wrap, thinking what did I do on tuesday…


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