Hetty Rose @ DiGardo, Notting Hill

Wow, the Notting Hill Carnival is coming this weekend!
It means we have no more bank holiday left until Christmas. How devastating. *sob*
Summer is over officially. Oh, how sad. Especially, we did not have a decent one. Actually, it was a sh*tty summer. Only a handful of days which was hot enough for us to wear shorts & flip-flops. I bought virtually no summer fashion items for this summer. It was cr*p.

Anyway, I & Mr.B were on our way to Portbello in order to attend the event at my friend’s boutique…


In the Evening Standard I picked up at Moorgate, I found the article about the peculiar looking structure off Brick Lane. So. it was a climbing wall? A lot of urban climber must be very excited.
Rock climbing is one of adrenalin sports I am NOT tempted to try. You see, I have a bit of phobia of heights. I would be definitely very uncomfortable up there. And my nose always overreact to talcum powder. It would start me with a fit of sneeze…

She is Hetty Rose, a focus of the event.
Mr.B took an instant liking of her. Cuddling up to her on the chair, her black jeans were left with lots of Mr.B’s hair…


Hetty makes beautiful handmade shoes for women.
She uses vintage Japanese kimono silk as her main material.


Her shoes are so original!
Elegant yet practical. Comparing with the shoes designed by male designers, her creation is more sympathetic to real women’s need. Being chic doesn’t have to be a health hazard, dont’ you agree?


All of her shoes are lovingly handmade by Hetty herself in her South London atelier.
It is impossible to find any shoes with this much originality and details in high street shops.



Mr.B decided to retreat in the carrier.
He had enough of the ladies trying the shoes over and over…


Oh well, you don’t need any footwear, do you?
Your life is definitely less complicated…

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