Korean dinner @ Kimchee, High Holborn

Oh my, Oh my, I was so stuffed last night.
We had  a “no holding back” Korean feast at Kimchee, High Holborn.
I love Korean food. They are one of my most favourite foods of all time.
So, when this restaurant was suggested as last night’s venue, I jumped on board without any hesitation.

Very stylish, don’t you find? Mmmm… I can hardly wait!


Our reservation was for 7pm.
Already, the tables were brimming with the diners who were busy tacking in delicious looking dishes…


By the reception, we could see the chef at work with the BBQ grill.
Oh, please, please show us our table quickly! My stomach is rumbling…


After about 5 minutes of standing around at the reception, we were led to our table.
The theme of the interior decor was very zen. Dark and angular. Especially the chairs, they were like church pews. Heavy and sturdy…


The table was laid out beautifully…


I ordered a korean cocktail called Berry Berry Nice.
The base of the cocktail was Korean booze, Makgeolli. It was mixed with blueberry liqueur, shaken with crushed ice and finished with blue berry.
Sweet & smooth…


My lovely fellow diners.
Isabel & Fei…


And me & Maria.
It is super fun to hang around with them…


The dishes arrived in rapid succession. And our table was almost full to the edges!
We ordered Modum Namul (assorted vegetables – bean sprout, spinatch, radish & cucumber – seasoned with sesame oil & garlic), Pa Jeon (traditional Korean pancake with spring onion & mixed seafood served with a soy & chives sauce), Bulgalbi (short beef rib marinated in a fruity sauce with onions & garlic), Bulgogi (thinly sliced beef marinated in a fruity sauce with onions & garlic), Pork Belly (famous korean dish of grilled sliced pork belly) and Kimchee Jjigae (a spicy hot pot of kimchee beef & tofu)…


And on top of them, we had two portions of Raw Beef Dolsot Bibimbap (served in a piping hot earthware pot, consisting of raw beef, rice, cooked vegetables, raw egg & red chilli paste which is then mixed together while still sizzling with the heat from the pot).
Apology for the quality of the shot. It was too steamy…


Give a good stir, Fei!
She was given an important task of mixing the pot…


We were truly pigging out.
Even we were almost bursting, it didn’t stop us from ordering an ice cream each for dessert, Green Tea, Almond, Black Sesame & Red Bean.
When it came to pay the bill, it was only £23 each. So reasonable!
I must come back with my hubbie again very soon…

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