Topman @ Oxford Circus

Guess what happened yesterday morning.
I woke up with a hangover! It must have been a lot to do with that delicious Korean cocktail I enjoyed at Kimchee. The drink was so smooth and tasty. Well, I won’t touch it next time though.

Another creature of habit in my household, apart from Mr.B, my hubbie was so keen to have our customary breakfast at Shepherdess Cafe and nudging me to get ready like a diligent sheep dog, so I pulled myself together rather gingerly, nursing my heavy head. The thought of egg & sausage gave me a nausea, therefore, the only thing I fancied at the cafe was peanut butter with honey on brown toasts…


Sweet gooey peanut butter glistening with golden honey on crispy toasts…
I started eating it tentatively at the beginning but towards the end, I was chomping quite eagerly.
With a mug of steaming strong tea, nothing was better to remedy the pressure around my temple.

By the way, I did a bit of retail therapy before heading to Kimchee for dinner last Friday.
I was at Topman, Oxford Circus, rummaging through their accessories department.
There were so many cute & cool stuff I would never find in women’s department! I was blown away.
A lapel pin, bow ties, collar tips, bracelets, pairs of braces, cute cuffs…


So, these guys in the pic came home with me.
However, the braces fell apart when I tried them the first time.
Oh well, the quality of the make is still a lot to be desired… *sigh*

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