Girl’s outing @ Shoreditch

The last bank holiday before Christmas came and went.
We ate a lot and laughed a lot. Even though we didn’t go anywhere exotic, I am left with a warm reflection of the past few days. It must have been a good bank holiday. So I am happy.

After enjoying a leisurely Sunday roast with my hubbie, I strolled down towards Liverpool Street Station. At Bishopsgate, I met up with Fei and we headed to Brick Lane. She left her sunglasses in one of the stalls in the Market last week. So we were there to retrieve it.
The weather was definitely more like autumn’s. The sky was higher and the breeze was crisper…


The crowds were having a merry time.
I love the chilled-out atmosphere of Spitalfields. All young & free at heart…


And an amazing medley of foods on offer…


After a bit of confusion and a flurry of semi-panicking text messages & phone calls, Me, Letizia, Beatrice and Fei managed to rally at the Vintage Emporium on Bacon Street…


Letizia, taking a well-deserved gulp of tea and describing her escapade.
She lives in the middle of Portbello. Therefore, every year during the Notting Hill Carnival, she ends up being boxed-in in her flat with police cordon.
The same thing happened this year and it trapped her in a maze of blocked off traffic. Poor Letizia walked to all over the place to find a way out! Well done, you…


Look at this gentle giant.
She is a mascot of the Vintage Emporium…


After catching our breath, we walked to our favourite Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsland Road.
Beatrice & me, smiling but itching to grab our chopsticks…


We ordered Fried Squid with Salt & Chilli, Vietnamese Pancake with Prawn, Pillow Dumpling & Soft Summer Roll with Pork to share as starters.
As you can see here, the chopsticks were reaching out from all directions. We were hungry…


Mmmm… My favourite starter…


For main course, I ordered Vermicelli with Roast Pork.
I loved the lightness of the dish. It was like a salad with noodle. Enjoyed the variety of textures too…


With our stomach nicely lined, we headed to The Bridge.
This place is one of the very few places in Shoreditch where you can order tea & cake as well as beer or cocktail into early hours.


It must have been our lucky day because we found our table in this popular Shoreditch haunt as soon as we walked in!


Being comfortably planted in their plush boudoir chairs and sipping latte, we talked and talked…


The world without good friends and tasty foods, the life in it would be a much bleaker one, wouldn’t it?…

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