69b @ Broadway Market

A British short summer has definitely departed.
Everyone I have come across so far seems not too happy about the way our moody summer behaved this year. I imagine that S/S 2012 must have been a disaster, the sales-wise. I didn’t want anything, even from the sale, because I thought I wouldn’t have any opportunity to wear it due to the cr*ppy weather we were treated with.
Since my knitwear line only does autumn & winter, no spring & summer, the freaky summer didn’t affect me at all which I found myself extremely lucky. I only hope that people are now itching to invest the money they didn’t spend in summer sale on my A/W 2012 collection.

Binne & I paid an homage to one of my London stockists, 69b, on Broadway Market…


Merryn Leslie, the owner & founder of the boutique, used to style in Vogue & I-D.
Her exquisite taste reflects on her well-chosen collection which caters for sophisticated Shoreditch women…


My friend, Ana Meneses‘s jewelry collection.
Her work is so clean-cut yet very dynamic. “Architectural” is the word which pops up in my head every time I see her work…


Binnie is snooping around.
Found anything interesting?…


No, sir.
We are not going to downstairs yet…


My Greta gilet in black & khaki green will be coming in September…


& the Armure jacket in black & khaki green will be available from October…


Weekday on Broadway Market is so quiet & mellow.
Nothing like a hustle & bustle of Saturday…


At Lock 7, I enjoyed a cup of decaf latte.
Binnie & I also shared an almond croissant. Oh, I mustn’t forget brushing his teeth…


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