Hockey girls @ Ittenbari, Soho

Since our last practice on the 20th, a majority of our hockey team girls weren’t very happy with the way it was run. So, we decided to hold an informal meeting after work.
The source of our discontent was that our team was forced to merge with another team this season because of mainly financial and partly political reasons. It’s very much like a marriage of convenience. Both parties prefer not to be with each other but we have to. That is why we have been griping ever since we have received this “thunder-clap” decision from the league.

Anyway, the girls met up at Boots, Piccadilly Circus, and walked to Ittenbari on Brewer Street.
Despite being a normal weekday, the noodle bar was packed with the diners who was busy slurping noodles from their bowls…


We ogled the menu for a while, muttering “I am starving!” intermittently.
Once the order was settled, we chatted about our grievances.
Happy looking Eva & me. But our thought towards the club’s immediate future was troubled…


This is my Miso Ramen Noodle.
The soup was a touch too salty for my liking but it was flavoursome. Their description on the menu said it has Marmite in it as a part of their secret recipe!


Becca ordered Shoyu Ramen.
She was pondering for a quite long time if she wanted noodle or curry.
I hoped she didn’t regret her decision…


When it came to settle our tab, we were told that they did not accept cards. Our bill was almost £70 and they had no facility to process our payment other than cash???
So, each of us scraped the bottom of our bags and managed to find enough money to pay up. Phew!

In order to counteract the saltiness of our dinner, we decided to have dessert at the coffee shop nearby…


I often passed by this cake shop but had never been inside.
The sweets on offer looked like Persians…


Nougats, candied fruits, nuts & dried fruits…


In the end, I ordered a small cone-shape cake with icing sugar and decaf latte.
How did I find it? Mmmm… It wasn’t my cup of tea. Too much rosewater in the filling.
Becca’s choice was much better though. She bought a block of beigy slab dotted with pistachio.
The nougat like morsel tasted like peanuts butter! Later, I learnt that the sweet was made from tahini, the paste made from ground sesame seeds. No wonder it was so nutty and delicious…


Over sweet & coffee, our chat & giggle was endless.
Eva & Becca…


Me with a funny face & Zsofi…


Becca & me…


Jana & Maria…


We firmly agreed that we could get over any crisis as long as we were sticking together.
I love my teammate. They are the best. I shall stand up for them. And they shall for me.
We ARE kicking some serious a** next Monday for sure…

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