Omelette & Salad

Did you watch the Paralympics last night?
Ellie Simmonds’s 400m freestyle victory swim brought tears in my eyes. So great, wasn’t it?
Paralympians are such an inspiration. Getting over life-changing obstacles and coming out of it as a winner.
If they were not, who would be a super human? They have my full admiration.

Anyway, yesterday started like any other Saturday.
My hubbie and I walked to our local greasy spoon for late breakfast / early lunch…


The prime tables in the cafe are by the windows, in my opinion.
You can watch the world goes by while sipping a mug of tea. There isn’t much to see, of course. Still, it is comforting to observe that Saturday is proceeding in an orderly manner.
Unluckily for this occasion, we couldn’t get any window-side seats so we settled in the table by the back wall.

In recent months, a few change has happened at the cafe. They painted a part of the original pea green walls to white. It does make the space look certainly larger, but at the same time, a coziness the cafe used to offer has been definitely affected by it. Combined with the pale grey formica table tops, the space feels more like a hospital canteen. I wish if they hadn’t done it.

Another change I’ve noticed is their cooking.
This is my cheese omelette with salad.
They used to serve the salad without dressing. The ingredients were just sliced & diced and served with a good drop of coleslaw. A bottle of dressing was brought to my table separately. And I liked the way it was.
However, they have started to serve it dressed in the kitchen now. I am still pondering if I should complain or not…


They used to throw in a couple of chips on the omelette as well.
The look of a rather spartan-like cheese omelette made me sad. Oh, what is happening in my local greasy spoon? Is this a part of their austerity measures? *sigh*

After food, we crossed the road & picked up our dry cleanings.
Mr.B, being checked in for a wash. His eyes cast down, I can see he does not appreciate my joshing…


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