Time to reset

This is it. It’s time to rest.
I found a third pimple (a tiny one) on my chin Sunday morning. A reminder of my free-falling diet of the last couple of weeks. Things do catch up with you, don’t they? I must do something about that. *sigh*

Still, it was Saturday. I was happy to bite into any cake came my way.
At Look Mum No Hands! on Old Street, my hubbie decided to have a cake break…


It was warm & sunny. I was glad that the Paralympics was blessed with a spell of good weather…


My cake, a sticky toffee cake. With decaf latte, of course…


And my hubbie’s carrot cake. I sampled a large mouthful.
A painful expression on his face was classic…


Then, we were off to Tottenham Court Road to run errands.
“It’s Saturday!” was our excuse for yet another cake break at Starbucks.
I had a tall soy decaf latte…


& a blueberry muffin. At least, I had a low-fat one though. Sounds pathetic, doesn’t it?


And then, off to dinner,
We headed to Strada on Exmouth Market.
For starter, Hubbie and I shared Pesto e Pomodoro – hand-stretched pizza bread topped with pesto and tomato sauce…


Hubbie complained that he was not so keen on pesto. But he ate most of the breads anyway? Hey, I appreciate it if you leave some for ME.

For main course, I had Risotto Luganica – Porcini mushroom risotto with Luganica pork sausage, chestnut mushrooms, white wine, parsley and Grana Padano. Very rich texture. Nicely done. It went very well with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc…


Then, came Sunday morning, I was looking into the bathroom mirror, coming face to face with another pimple on my chin…
My digestive system was complaining that they were tired of working overtime while I was having a good time.
So, too much saturated fat & refined carb will be off the menu for a couple of week. It’s not gonna be as drastic as undergoing detox as such. More conscious effort to choose “good foods”.
Like choosing fruits over cakes, or more salads instead of pies or sandwiches. Maybe sticking to a vegetarian menu when eating out? Strangely enough, I am looking forwards to the change.

Last night’s dinner was sushi.
I didn’t want to eat anything with gravy or cheese & cream. So we drove to Hare & Tortoise in Brunswick Centre.
This is my Chirashi Don – slices of mixed raw fish, omelette and Japanese pickle on top of sushi rice. I also ordered miso soup and green tea. No more booze…

Hubbie had Vegetarian Sushi Box with Unagi & Avocado Roll, accompanied with a glass of apple juice.
Let hope my skin will improve by eating more sensibly…(>.<)

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