Just salad

As I declared yesterday, my eating habit is undergoing a big change.
The balance of my diet has changed to more on vegs & salad, much less on saturated fat & refined carb. My fridge is stuffed with lots of vegs & fruits. Even just looking at them, it makes me feel better! The pimples on my chin are already fading. Mmm… I am glad that my body appreciates the effort I am making.

I fixed a salad for lunch. Please note, I really am not into cooking even though I love reading foodies blogs. And I am hopeless when it comes to presenting my own concoction. Very sorry…


I wanted to make every mouthful to be a full of different texture and taste, so chopped up all vegs to small pieces. The mixture was made of plum tomato, beetroot, cucumber, lettuce, carrot, pepper, celery, sultana, pumpkin seed, pine nut & sunflower seed. And one tablespoon of olive oil was used as dressing.
How did I find it? I loved it. Mr.B enjoyed a few pieces of carrot. I made sure that I chewed them well. Full of vitamin & goodness. I felt so virtuous.

For snacking, I bought some peaches, bananas & a bag of organic sultanas.
Then for dinner, I had steamed vegetables (carrot, sweet corn, green bean & broccoli) with avocado.
Oddly enough, I experienced no pang of hunger I normally had before bedtime. Even though I rarely succumb to it. Still, it’s not pleasant to curl up in bed with hunger. Despite the dinner being much lighter than usual, I felt nor full or empty, just… calm (Yes, that’s the word!). So, I grabbed a glass of water and went to bed.
I woke up this morning, feeling much rested. No bad taste in my mouth. And again, just… calm.

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