Knitting aid

We have been blessed with a spell of good weather recently.
The sun is not as hot as it used to be. Still, sunny & warm.
I bet once the Paralympic flame goes out of the cauldron and all athletes leave uk, the cloud will gather all the sudden and we will have our usual moody British weather in no time.

Anyway, the autumn is here. I must keep on my creative flame going.
At the moment, I am making gilets for 69b, Broadway Market. The black one is almost finished. I must stitch a label & a care instruction on. Then, it’s good to go…


Normally, I watch BBC iPlayer or You Tube while I am knitting.
Yesterday, I was watching this…



And this…



I was searching some old films randomly and came across them.
Tony Curtis & Jack Lemon, they didn’t look like women at all, not even remotely. Still, the way they were was absolutely hilarious. By the way, if a man pretends to be a girl, how does he managed to keep a 5 o’clock shadow at bay? Do they have to shave twice a day? or apply another cake of foundation? I am curious…

I love old black & white film. It is just fascinating to see how the life used to be in the 40’s & the 50’s. The pace of life then seems much less hurried than the one we lead now.
Well then, what film shall I watch today… Any recommendation?

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