Drink @ Market Cafe, Broadway Market

The first swig of gin & tonic always tastes the greatest, don’t you agree?
It is even more so if the first mouthful is after 5 days of drying out. Does it sound alarming?
Please be assured that I am not falling off from my semi-detoxing wagon. To prove the point, I am going through a huge pile of salad as I wrought out this sentence.

I was at Market Cafe on Broadway Market last evening.
Leslie, a charismatic owner of 69b, organized a drink for us, designers and her staff to get to know each other even better…


I arrived at the venue slightly too early.
With a glass of gin & tonic, I settled down on one of their retro cute chairs. Broadway Market on weekdays, especially weekday evenings, is lovely. No hustle & bustle of Saturday. Just calm & civilised…


Meet the team 69b, Alice, Verity & Erryn.
A bunch of super chic Shoreditch girls…


And Leslie & me.
Throughout her boutique, Leslie’s highly tuned sense of style flows. It is like brandy – warm, sympathetic, yet gives you a flame in your belly. The flame of self worthiness and confidence.
For an independent designer like me, her establishment is like a beacon of hope in the world amongst all those homogenous giants in the fashion industry. Her presence reassures me that there are still some people who appreciate individuality and celebrate it…


Mr.B spent his evening on the stool by the bar, being occasionally patted on the head or his belly scratched…


I forgot to take the pics but the hand-cut chips with garlic mayonnaise was a knock out.
Their chips are not one of those “reconstituted mashed potato moulded to resemble chips” kind of cr*p. A good honest potato being properly sliced and fried kind of things.
Let’s not walk away from honesty in general, shall we? Honesty is one of the few decencies we really must uphold in the precarious world we live in. Even if the matter is as frivolous as fashion or food, we shouldn’t forget how they are made and what they are for…

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