Well deserved drink (& supper) @ William IV

My poor hubbie had been caning it at work recently.
One day (or night), he couldn’t come home before 3 am!
Mr.B was very concerned about my hubbie being out so late. He was going back & fro between our reception to the door countless times.

Let’s have a well deserved drink at the pub. I dragged my half-asleep hubbie to William IV.
Apart from us, there was only a couple by the opposite door in the pub. The rest of the guests were standing outside, enjoying the last glimpse of sunset…


Over a glass of gin & tonic, my hubbie recounted how murderously busy he was. I could see his eyes glazed over from lack of quality sleep. Still, the project was almost out of the way. He did very well.
Then, our supper arrived…


Deep Fried Whitebait with Mayonnaise


Fish Cake


And we shared Club Sandwich


We, especially my hubbie, are taking it easy this weekend.
He should sleep, eat, and chill out as much as possible. I wish if I could be any more help…

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