Zaza Gelato @ Portobello Road

Is this an Indian summer? All the sudden, the heat wave is back!
A cloudless blue sky pans out over London. And it is simply blissful.
As we all know, this Sunday will be the end of London 2012.
This spell of exceptionally beautiful weather will be a perfect send off gift to all the Paralympians, won’t it?

It is a strange psyche which the inhabitants of Northern Europe can only relate to. We will be itching to go outside if the sun is shining. An insuppressible urge to make the most out of precious (& rare) sunshine, which drives us to trek to nearby parks or squares.
So, after my physiotherapy (Yes, I am still dealing with the damage caused by the accident I had in May) and a quick detour to Broadway Market, I headed to Portobello Road to see Letizia.


Her heart & soul, DiGuardo, was a full of new collection for A/W 2012 even though the sun was baking outside…


Letizia, behind the till and me, on the divan, caught up with each other’s life since last week.
Then, we both realized that the heat had become just unbearable without some refreshment… such as gelato!
So, she stuck a “Back in 5 mins” post-it note on the door, and we walked to Zaza on Portobello Road…


Mmmm… What a sight to behold. Especially on a hot day like this.
Letizia was like a cat with cream…


She had a chocolate one. And mine was hazelnut.
So rich & smooth. I wish I had a gelateria like this near my home. I would eat it everyday…


Look, my Greta gilet was on display!
It look so Notting Hill, don’t you find? Boho & elegant…


As much as I enjoy this heat wave, it is not very good for my knitwear.
It’s just damn too hot to try it on!
My black Coquille jacket was gracing the window too…


I want these babies to find loving owners soon…

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