New season’s shoes

The weather is still beautiful. A clear cloudless blue sky is above us.
Better now than never. Still, why didn’t we have this at the beginning of this summer?

Anyway, after a light breakfast of Weetabix & blueberry, my hubbie & I popped in at our local newsagent to buy a Sunday paper. I also picked up a copy of British Vogue as well.
Even though, I am never tempted to do “block colouring” or “Baroque” thingies, I still keep eye on what is going on in the industry, you know…


Leafing through the pages, I came across the page featuring this season’s “in” shoes…


Don’t they look like those crazy shoes from the 60’s?
Biba, Mary Quant, Twiggy… Looks amazing. And I kind of like them.
Still, the heels are too sky-high. I don’t think I can handle it. Even just standing in them.
They just look hazardous, don’t they? For me, a pair of roller skates looks safer than them.

Which pair do you fancy, Mr.B?


He fancies the black pair on far left.
I am afraid that it would be impossible for me to walk with you or carry you in those.
I would be toppled over by London’s notoriously uneven pavements in no time and break my ankle.
Besides, I have never seen any “real” people walking around in those killer pairs in London anyway.
I wonder why…

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