Camera ready squirrel @ St. Luke’s

Once the flame of London 2012 is extinguished from the cauldron, so is our Indian summer.
In London, the air is decidedly autumn’s. No doubt about it.
So, all the highlights of 2012, The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, The Olympics & The Paralympics, are over and done with. That means we have no more public pomps to rejoice nor any bank holiday to look forward to before Christmas. How devastating is that!
Oh, I should just stop my Monday morning rant before I start to feel like curling up in bed and cry…

Anyway, yesterday was still filled with a full of sunshine and baking gusts.
So, Hubbie, Mr.B & I decided to have lunch at Look Mum No Hands on Old Street. During our leisurely saunter, we encountered a surprisingly candid squirrel at St.Luke’s. This creature popped its furry head up between the iron railing and propped itself up promptly on the stone ledge as soon as he (or she) discovered Mr.B on the ground. Its beady eyes scrutinized Mr.B intently like it was sizing him up for a fight…


What was Mr.B doing while Hubbie & I held our breath and froze in place?
Nothing! He was not even aware of the existence of the squirrel. Completely oblivious. I guess a cushy life of being a lap-dog for a long time has diminished his sense of urgency and animal instinct irretrievably. Alas…


Look Mum No Hands was buzzing with a crowd who were happy to be basking in the hot dusty golden air of Indian summer. We all knew instinctively that this was the last day of our bonus summer days. Might as well just get intoxicated with it, Everyone thought, I imagined…


It was too hot for a hot drink. So we ordered iced decaf latte…


Then, my large salad, ladended with a robust goodness of vegetables, were brought to the table.
I loved everything, absolutely everything on the plate. A wonderful harmony of all the ingredients. It was a joy to eat. Mr.B enjoyed a few pieces of cucumber too…


The foods at this venue were getting better and better, I thought.
Why did I feel so? It was because the experience I had initially was not at all positive when they opened its door a few years ago. I ordered stuffed pepper for lunch and ended up staring at the small pepper stuffed with non-descriptive concoction accompanied with a few scraps of limp lettuce. Handing over more than a fiver for this, I felt seriously shortchanged. The bitter memory stayed with me for quite a while which prevented me from visiting the cafe for a long time.
Then, Hubbie & I just popped in for a quick latte break the other day and saw our fellow diners plates, all full of delicious looking foods. We shrugged our shoulders and agreed to give the cafe a second chance. And we haven’t regretted it ever since. Maybe I will have a go at their homemade pie next time…

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