BD dinner @ Little Venice

I missed it.
Due to a hangover, I ended up watching London 2012 parade on TV. (>.<)
Still, I managed to see a glimpse of RAF flypass with the own naked eyes from my window. The approaching roar of the jets was just awesome. I wished if I felt well enough to line the street and to cheer our Olympic & Paralympic heroes & heroines. Did I miss another “once in a lifetime” moment? Damn. But what could I do? My head was wilting like a flower which had long passed its sold by date.

Last Sunday, my friend Alex invited Letizia & me for dinner to celebrate her birthday.
We met up at Westbourne Grove tube and walked along the canal towards Little Venice…


On the canal, house boats were floating serenely.
We mused how it would be like to live in a boat. I bet Hubbie would be horrified with the idea. He is 6’4”(190cm) tall and hates any room with the ceiling height lower than 9 feet…

The Waterway by the canal was the venue of our celebration.
The bar was jam-packed with crowds who were busy chatting to their companions, smoking cigars & sipping Pimms.

Our beautiful birthday girl, Alex.
She is effortless chic 24/7. I don’t know how french women manage that. Her gaze is warm and profound. Her smile is sincere and endearing. She is feminine without being overly coquettish. She is simply…lovely.


And Letizia, our eternal sunshine.
Her irrepressibly cheerful demeanor lightens the mood of anyone who comes her way. She is affectionate, warm & loyal. If we have her, we don’t need any brolly in London. Letizia is simply…divine.


Finally, me. A lucky girl who has an honour to hang out with them.


At 7pm, we were led to our table in the terraced area.
For drink, Alex chose Sauvignon Blanc. And we inspected the menu.
One of our starter, Selection of Spanish charcuterie with manchego and olives.


Chargrilled squid with sweet chilli sauce, balsamic and mixed leaf salad


Goat’s cheese fritters with apricot and ginger chutney and bitter leaf salad


For main course, I had Grilled salmon, beetroot salad, rocket and horseradish cream.
Especially, the salmon went beautifully well with beetroot. I enjoyed every mouthful…


I bet you can’t make out what the h*ll is on my plate. The lighting was too poor for photographing by then.
It was Summer pudding with clotted cream. Because of the cr*ppy summer we had, this was the first (& probably the last) summer pudding I ever had this year. About the actual pudding, it could have been a tad sweeter. I marked 8 out of 10. Nevertheless, I polished it off with the remainder of my wine…


We asked a gentleman at the next table to take a picture of us. And he cordially obliged…


To Alex, thank you for the dinner and I feel very much privileged to be a part of your special day.
And to Letizia, thank you for bringing Alex & me together. You two are wonderful spices which makes my life an even more wholesome one…

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